Weight Watchers Coupons – December 2014

Save over 30% with Weight Watchers Promotion Codes in December 2014! The Weight Watchers program is one of the world’s most popular weight loss programs. This is a program that has been utilized by a number of people since the company was established over 50 years ago. The Weight Watchers program is about more than just helping people out with losing weight. It is also about encouraging people to lose weight so they can feel as comfortable with their bodies as they possibly can.

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News for Weight Watchers in 2014

Weight Watchers, earlier in the year, announced their plan – “Simple Start”.  Simple Start is a two-week jumpstart to your weight-loss journey and simplifies tracking thru apps and lessens the need to count points.  Read more Here!

Learn The `ABC’ Of Weight Loss Before Starting Weight Loss Journey With `WW Simple Start’

Weight Watchers has always maintained high standards in the”weight loss arena”’ by providing unique and smart weight loss products like “Weight Watchers Online” and “Weight Watchers Monthly Pass”, etc.  All of its weight loss products have been created by the best American dieticians, nutritionists and weight loss experts that have been hired by Weight Watchers. Now all these weight loss solutions are going to be slightly altered by the inclusion or “addition” of the Simple Start plan which is going to work on a “spoon-feed methodology for the Weight Watchers users in 2014. The elite Simple Start plan is an extremely advanced plan which has been created by yearlong efforts of the high profile team of Weight Watchers’ healthcare and dieting advisors.

Weight Watchers Announces Simple Start!

In 2014, Weight Watchers announced a marvelous weight loss plan known as Simple Start that aims at training the participants mind so that he can easily transcend into the actual Weight Watchers weight loss journey without feeling “out of place”. This plan is a short duration “spoon-feeding” strategy that will help in making the participant get used to the ways of Weight Watchers in the initial two weeks. By following the Simple Start plan religiously for two weeks, a dieter can expect excellent weight loss of about 2-4 pounds or even more.


How Simple Start Will Make Your Weight Loss Easier

Weight Watchers felt the need to create Simple Start beginners’ plan so that the dieters don’t have to go through their “trial and error” phase while trying to pick healthy yet tasty food options. The Simple Start plan would reduce the chances of a Weight Watchers participant going “off the track” due to lack of expertise in picking smart meals. That would definitely increase the overall weight loss rate of a participant in the long run. The Simple Start kit will provides images and recipes of meals that could be chosen for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. The users will learn how to cook simple and healthy recipes at home without worrying about points plus values for the two weeks as all the food options have been included in the Simple Start guide only after thoroughly analyzing their points plus values. That would nullify the efforts required on the part of a new participant.

What Can Weight Watchers Members Expect?

While signing up for the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass, you are automatically enrolled for Simple Start too. Then at the meeting venue you can ask your meeting leader to provide you the Simple Start kit which will contain handbooks. These handbooks will provide you an illustrative stepwise guidance about what can you eat throughout the day. You can easily cook your own meals using the recipes provided in the Simple Start kit. Also, if you subscribe for eTools, then you can install the Simple Start app on your Smartphone which would help you in keeping a track of your weight loss all the time. The Online Weight Watchers members would also be provided with the facility to use the Simple Start plan. They can view the Simple Start details on their online webpage when they login after completing the subscription procedure.

Weight Watchers Review

The program involves several different features used to facilitate anyone’s weight loss plans. The program is designed with an online service, meetings for people to attend and a new program used to help people out with their weight loss intentions. The support that people can get out of the program can prove to be among the most important things that anyone can get when trying to lose weight.

Weight Watchers Online

weight watchers online 2014Weight Watchers Online is one of the main ways to follow the plan and gives participants active control while losing weight. The online part of the program features a number of guides that help people with figuring out what should be eaten at the right times.

The online product also includes a massive food database. This covers information on the nutritional facts of more than forty thousand different foods. There are thousands of healthy recipes to find off this site as well. These recipes are easy to follow and include support from a Recipe Builder. This gives the reader a full list of ingredients to find for different recipes. This makes it easier for people to prepare these foods as they wish.

There’s even mobile support in this program. The Weight Watchers Online product includes portable applications that can be accessed on a tablet or smartphone. This is useful for anyone who wants to get help with figuring out what should be bought at a supermarket or with seeing what to do while at a gym. It’s easy to get online and use their mobile programs.

Plan Manager
The program known as the Plan Manager can be added to a mobile device or simply loaded up to a computer. The Plan Manager will analyze point values for all the foods in the program and even track all the participants activities. Also with the Plan Manager, you can check out different articles dedicated to healthy living and interactive videos that show exercises and even access to Weight Watchers’ recipe database.

Mobile App
The Weight Watchers Mobile application can also be added to the process. It includes the Kitchen Companion app, a program that lists information on how to cook foods and healthy ingredients to choose from.

Barcode Scanner App
The Barcode Scanner app is a huge online feature as users can download and use this mobile device to scan specific barcodes. Weight Watchers will review the item in question and project its nutritional features and point value. It’s easy to use this in any supermarket.

Online Community
The online community that comes with the program makes the Weight Watchers Online program all the more beneficial. A participant can use the program to interact with others to talk about all sorts of things dedicated to weight loss. These include not only recipe ideas and exercise routines but also weight loss challenges. It’s often easier for people to lose weight when they do it together. The Weight Watchers Online community makes it easier for these people to lose weight.

Weight Watchers Meetings

The meetings that Weight Watchers holds in a variety of  centers all around the country are particularly helpful. People who attend these meetings are often more likely to lose weight than others who do not enter into them. These meetings include many topics that relate to how to lose weight, what people do when trying to lose weight and how great it feels when one’s diet goals are reached.

These meetings are meant to be supportive and encouraging. People who go into these meetings will learn more from others who are in the same Weight Watchers program. Everyone can get on the same page when they follow it properly.

In addition, these meetings are held in a comfortable environment. The weigh-ins that will occur at the start of a meeting will always be confidential. Of course, people who are enjoying success while on the diet might end up telling people about their successes on the diet and revealing their weights just to tell people how well things have gone.

Anyone who is asking for help with losing weight should inquire as to exactly what the Weight Watchers program has to offer. This is a program that assists people without all the restrictions that come with so many other diets. The Weight Watchers 360 program is designed to give people help with learning how to control their dietary habits and routines. The online program particularly helps people out no matter where they are. In addition, the meetings are used to motivate anyone who gets on the diet to lose weight on their own terms.

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