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Learn about Weight Watchers eTools and how they help in your weight loss journey! Weight Watchers is the most trusted name when it comes to losing weight in a guaranteed and healthy manner. Weight Watchers has become a `companion’ for millions of people who aim for a healthy and blessed life. Weight Watchers doesn’t sell pre packaged meals to induce weight loss. It uses a practical and medically advisable approach for efficient weight loss in its customers which is done through the correct combination of  diet with exercise. That’s the aim of Weight Watchers 360® weight loss program where focus is laid on slowly changing the diet and lifestyle of a person correctly for maintainable weight loss. The program of weight loss by Weight Watchers focuses on eating a healthy portion of proteins, fiber and carbohydrates.

Online and Offline Ways to Lose Weight
The Weight loss program by Weight Watchers functions with the help of PointsPlus® calculation. The PointsPlus® system lies in the core of all the weight loss ways through Weight Watchers. There are basically two ways of losing weight and associating with Weight Watchers. In the offline method, you get to enroll in Weight Watchers’ meetings where you can have a face to face interaction with Meetings Leaders and other members who help guide you for effective weight loss. In the online method of weight loss, your physical presence is not required and you can accommodate the Weight loss program into your lifestyle from the comfort of your home.  The offline weight loss program is further strengthened by the popular eTools by Weight Watchers.

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Weight Watchers Launches Useful eTools

weight watchers etoolsWeight Watchers Monthly Pass and eTools
The eTools launched by Weight Watchers have been very much appreciated by all the Meetings Members of Weight Watchers. These eTools are an assortment of valuable features and guidance that help the people a lot in their journey of losing weight. These eTools are designed with latest technologies and advanced features have been included which boost the weight loss process. That is the reason that almost all the people who are using these efficient eTools by Weight Watchers report a surge in the rate of weight loss. These eTools can help you to achieve your goal weight faster and act as a personal guide wherever you go. As an added bonus, for those who sign up for the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Program and become Meetings Members, these tools are available to you at no cost!

How do eTools Help Ease Your Life?
weight watchers etoolImagine how easy it would be to have hands on guide with you whom you can take anywhere to help you out along with your points plus system. The eTools contains all the necessary elements that you would need to make your life simpler as these eTools have interactive features which can make the weight loss process interesting. Tracking your weight loss also becomes very much easier with these eTools. The eTools have been designed by weight loss trainers, physicians and expert researchers which make them completely trustworthy and useful. These eTools help you in sticking with your weight loss plans in the durations between meetings and provide you with motivation. These eTools are available for the offline subscribers who attend meetings. Online subscribers automatically get these eTools when they purchase the plan.

Digital Tools Included in eTools
These eTools are easily usable with all types of mobile phones and smart phones. You can save your activities with these eTools and also track your previous activity record to see what kinds of activities helped you in losing more weight. You could keep a check on the food choices that you have been eating whole day and tracking earlier meals is also very easy with eTools. You could upload your present weight and compare it previous week’s weight. Your weight loss progress will be notified by the help of seasoned pie charts, graphs and tables etc.

The interactive nature of these apps keep you engaged and you could check the PointsPlus® values of your favorite dishes in the charts of cheat meals provided in these eTools. To keep you motivated in between meetings, a large number of fitness videos and demos are available in these eTools. You can daily watch these videos to get motivated for doing more physical activity. Following a fixed pattern can make weight loss boring. Keeping this in mind the eTools by Weight Watchers contain more than 3700 new recipes which are enough to last for a lifetime! You could find above 160,000 meal options on these eTools. Preparing easy and delicious dishes by using these eTools will help you in sticking with the diet program more effectively because you would never get bored of the food choices.

Free Mobile Apps with eTools
weight watchers appsWhen you subscribe to Weight Watchers eTools, you also get free mobile apps along with them. These mobile apps take your comfortable weight loss a step further. These lifestyle maintenance eTools help you in keeping a track of your meals and physical activity anywhere. You could track your activity points even when you taking your dog for walk. All the outings, meetings and vacations become so much easier if you have these mobile apps absolutely free with the eTools. These mobile apps contain exciting features for cooking and direct PointsPlus® calculation by scanning of a packaged food’s barcode. These eTools and mobile apps have been prepared by extensive market research.

Affordability and Ease of Use
The Weight Watchers eTools have become hugely successful because they are as affordable as they are effective. The eTools are really easy to use and navigating through various categories in these eTools is speedy. You could easily subscribe for these eTools by signing up at the Weight Watchers website at a monthly rate of $14.95. You don’t have to worry about renewing the subscription as Weight Watchers ease out your work by automatically renewing the subscription for these eTools at a fixed time each month. These eTools make your weight loss feel like an entertaining task. People who use eTools have reported in their success stories that they were able to lose more weight and keep away their binging temptations because of the help that these awesome eTools provided them.

These eTools are a smart lifestyle management system developed by Weight Watchers which you must try to realize how fun weight loss can actually be.

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